How To Reset TP-Link Wireless Router? Complete Guide In 2022

How To Reset TP Link Wireless Router

If you have a TP-Link Wireless Router and the internet is not working, then it may be time to reset your router. Resetting a TP-Link wireless router can help with many different issues that might arise including network disconnects, slow connections, or the inability to connect at all. In this blog post, we will cover how to reset a TP-Link wireless router as well as some of the most common reasons people need to reset their routers.

Why do I need To Reset a TP-Link Wireless Router?

Some wireless routers are very difficult to understand for the average user. Others, like TP-Link TL-WR940N, can be configured through a web interface that is easy to use and intuitive. The first thing you need to do when trying to configure your router with its default settings is open up any browser on any device connected to the same network.

Then type in the default gateway in your browser’s address bar and that will take you to the router settings page unless it has been changed by a previous owner. If so, then just look for any login page on the network and try using admin/admin or root/root as both username and password.

In most cases, this won’t work, but most router models have the same default settings. If you are unable to login into your router’s web interface with these details then it is probably time for a reset.

A factory reset will erase every setting that has been made on this wireless network and return all of its parameters back to their defaults. This means that any changes that had previously been made to the SSID name and password, WPA-PSK/WPA key, or other settings will be lost.

So if you had changed them before and don’t know what you did with your old network log-in details then a factory reset is the only way back in. However, it also means that every device connected wirelessly through this router will need to be reconfigured once the router has been reset.

How Do I Reset My TP-Link Wireless Router?

Resetting a TP-Link wireless router is relatively easy, but different models have different ways of doing it. If you are not sure how to proceed then first read your manual carefully and follow all instructions that might be listed there for factory resetting this specific device.

However, if you don’t have access to any manuals or guides, then just try holding down the button available on most routers with some sort of label like “reset” for about ten seconds.

Afterward, release the Reset button and wait for around three minutes as this will allow time for any changes made during configuration or setup of new settings on your wireless network to take effect.

How To Reset TP-Link Wireless Router

As your router begins to reboot, you should be able to see the light on the front of it changing color or flashing. It may take up to two minutes for all of these lights to return back to normal, but this time varies depending upon what model you are using and how recently you have reset your router before.

Once everything has returned back to normal again, open a web browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Firefox. Type in “” or “” (without quotation marks) into the address bar at the top of your page which directs you right away towards where all settings are located within your wireless network configuration menu.

Usually under advanced options somewhere along here after logging in with an account username and password combination that is either provided to you by your ISP or sometimes kept private.

The first step is to click on the “Wireless” tab followed by simply clicking on the button marked “Site Survey”.

Once this has been completed, all of your existing wireless network details should be displayed along with other settings and information about what you have already configured within your router as well as any security measures that are currently in place.

In general, it’s best to keep these same configurations set here unless there was some reason for changing them before such as not being able to access certain websites from home which could indicate that something unusual may be going wrong over at your ISP end instead of where changes will need making instead if required later once everything returns back again without problems afterward either way.

If this was a problem previously, then you will need to get in touch with your ISP instead who should be able to resolve any issues that may have been going on over at their end which could have been preventing access from home.

Quick Setup tp link router

The next step is very important so don’t miss it.

Once you’ve done this and saved all of the changes that were made by clicking “Apply” afterward (not forgetting to click “Save Settings” either), before attempting anything else we highly recommend waiting for another five minutes or more while everything settles down again after making these alterations.

If everything works fine now and there are no more problems surfacing after several days have gone past, then it’s likely that all settings were reset successfully without losing anything important inside where we can help troubleshoot future issues as well just let us know anytime. Ready? Go ahead and give TP-Link support another go whenever you’re ready.


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