How do I deal with long headphone cables? Best Tips In 2022

How do I deal with long headphone cables

If you’re like me and your headphones are always getting in the way, then this blog post is for you. I’ve been using various headphone cable management solutions to keep my cables from getting tangled up in my bag or on desks at work. In this post, we’ll explore some of the best ways to deal with long headphone cables.

At the end of the day, I just want to listen to my music in peace. These methods will help you rest easy knowing your headphones are neatly tucked away.

Some headphone cables might seem as if they can’t be managed by a simple accessory like this, but there’s always something that works for every type of cable length and thickness. 

Today we’ll show you several different options that work well with any long or short cord setup. There is no need to let those earbuds get all tangled up anymore because now you know how to tame them easily.

If you think your headphone cables are unattractive and need to be hidden away, there is a simple solution for this. There are several different types of headphones out on the market today that will allow you to easily reconnect your earbuds back together when they aren’t in use.

The most common way people deal with their long headphone cords is simply wrapping them around whatever it can fit securely around. Wrapping up your earphone cord tightly makes sure no excess wire gets stuck anywhere or caught by accident. 

This method works great if you’re keeping things nice and tidy in bags or purses but only works well when dealing with thin wires because thicker ones might not able to hold all that weight.

The other option you might want to try is using a headphone cable clip. Some of these clips are designed specifically for eliminating excess cord length while others can be used to keep cords in place at the gym or on your person when biking, running, etc. 

You never know when things could get tangled up so it’s good to have one of these helpful accessories ready just in case.

No matter what type of headphones you use, there is always some sort of cord management accessory that will work great with them all. If you’re out shopping and not sure which ones to buy don’t worry because we’ve got you covered here today too.

There are several different types of cord management accessories that will work great with any type or style of the headphone set up.

For some people, their headphones are constantly getting tangled up in their pockets. If you’re one of these individuals who constantly have to dig through your bag just to find out which earbud is on the left and right side then this might be worth checking out for yourself. 

This clip was specially designed so it can attach itself securely onto most types of clothing including jeans, trousers, belts, etc… No more untangling cords while trying to get ready before heading off somewhere important because now all you have to do is pop them into place when they aren’t in use.

Here is the step by step solutions to deal with long headphones:

First step:

Find a way to shorten the cable. You can use different methods, but I’m going to mention one of them in this article.

Second step:

Next, you need some stuff from your local hardware store. To do it properly and with no hassle at all, make sure that you have these things before you start with the next steps:

  • Wire cutters or scissors (wire cutter is better) 
  • Cable ties 
  • Electrical tape

As you might know, the first step is to shorten your headphone cable. I’m going to mention two methods that will help you with this task. The first (and also easier) method uses wire cutters or scissors and some electrical tape. 

Let me show you how it works . First of all, grab your cable tie and then open it up by removing its locking mechanism… 

You can use a key or just something sharp – whatever feels comfortable for you. Now hold the part where the metal latch was previously located at about an inch from there… 

This way we have enough space between both cables so they won’t interfere during our work later on. After opening them up carefully insert each side into a piece of wire or small tube (that you can find at your local hardware store). 

After that, insert them all the way to their ends. Now make sure everything is tightened and locked into place using electrical tape or something similar.

You’re done with this part of the process.

The second method uses just wire cutters/scissors and some patience. It will require a little bit more time than other methods but it works quite well too. Let me show you how to do it right… 

Grab one side of your headphone cable where there’s already pretty good slack in it – I mean about an inch away from the plug-in point on each side should be perfect for now so go ahead and cut through both cables as close as you can to one another. 

Now hold them apart with your fingers so they don’t interfere when you start cutting through the remaining part of the cable.

Cut it completely in half using wire cutters/scissors. Sometimes there are small clips that hold wires together right at this point, but usually not 🙂

Okay now that we have our headphones shortened let’s take a look at what else do we need before starting with the next steps: 

  • Wire cutters or scissors (wire cutter is better) 
  • Cable ties

As I mentioned earlier, these two methods will help us shorten our headphone cables. The first method uses some electrical tape and wire cutters while the second requires patience and good eyesight 😉 Both methods work just fine but what I like about the second one is that you can also add some extra length to your cables in case they’re too short.

How to Shorten Headphone Cable?

Headphones are a great way to listen to music and keep yourself entertained. However, if the headphone cable is too long, it can be a nuisance. Here are a few ways to shorten the headphone cable:

  1. Use a bungee cord or tie wrap to shorten the cable. This is the easiest way to shorten the cable and it is adjustable so you can lengthen it when needed.
  2. Coil the excess cable around your hand or a pencil. This will help keep the cable organized and tangle-free.
  3. Cut off the excess cable with scissors. Be sure to leave enough length so that you can still use the headphones comfortably.
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